About Us

About Us

“I can’t wait to tell you that yesterday and today my pain has been at about a 2-3. My left hand numbness is almost normal. Whatever you did working those muscles that I scream about have really helped. I believe the tape helped out quite a bit. I’m SOLD!”

-- Danica Larson, patient


Ashbaugh Center for Therapy, PC provides the highest quality health care service in a comprehensive manner.  Our practitioners are dedicated to serving the needs of the surrounding community by networking with the leaders in the health care industry and continuing to learn as our profession changes with time.  We believe in functional and integrative rehabilitation and will strive to provide innovative solutions to your health care needs.  In addition, we are devoted to achieving your desired functional outcome in the most efficient and cost effective manner.  Our staff will excel in customer service, patient education and promoting the importance of our service throughout the community.   

At Ashbaugh Center for Therapy we promise you:

  • A friendly, warm and welcoming greeting
  • Promptness in scheduling appointments and in your treatment
  • A comprehensive, personalized evaluation and treatment program
  • Thorough education regarding your diagnosis and management
  • One on one care by a licensed practitioner for the entire session
  • Home exercise program for management beyond scheduled care