Physical therapy for the Denver metro area

About massage

Among the therapeutic components of massage, pain relief, especially from chronic pain, is a major player in how we approach our lives. When pain and discomfort have crossed the proverbial line and moved into limitations and considerations that compromise our daily activities and quality of life, then our attention is caught. Perhaps it is not being able to pick up the baby because your back might scream; or jog because your knee reminds you of an old high school injury; or ski as long and hard as you’d like because your ACL/MCL are unhappy campers; or hike in concern for getting stuck on the trail; or take the dog out for a long walk; or pull your socks on without throwing something into spasm, or … the list of “or” is endless, to say the least!
Although all our experiences are subjective and unique to us, none of us like to be in discomfort. While massage is not a cure all, it can, amongst other things, help reduce pain and muscle dysfunction; prevent injury, increase mobility and range of motion; and assist the rehab process, whether from surgery, a rough day gardening, or being a weekend warrior.
Whatever the circumstances are that lead you to consider massage, therapeutic massage is likely to help. The focus is neuromuscular in nature, and incorporates a variety of other massage disciplines, all with the goal to decrease pain and improve muscular function.